IWantU Apk Download Free v1.3.9 (TikTok18+) for Android

The internet is evolving each day and it provides many interesting apps to the users. Similarly, IWantU Apk is an amazing app that is a great alternative to TikTok 18. The content creators know the real worth of this app. It has no boundaries or restrictions and content creators can create any sort of video and upload into it. This is the only thing that makes it different from the normal TikTok App.

Moreover, this app has some common characteristics which you will also see in apps like Badoo and Tinder. But they are single purpose only and this app is dual purpose. You can also sign up here and use it as a dating app as well. It has the ability to find people closer to your locality. Also, it has the feature to find dating partners from the rest of the world as well.

Furthermore, it has a flexible customization option that users can avail and mold according to their choice. Users can construct their profiles in the best possible way to attract more partners to them. It also allows users to put their personal interests in the bio section. This feature also helps them to find a partner who is best suited to their interest. IWantU Apk is pretty new and it is spreading very fast throughout the world. It has already captured audiences from every corner of the world. If you are an online gamer lover then must check out 3 Patti Blue which is the best-ever app.

What is IWantU Apk?

IWantU Apk is an amazing dating app where you can create a profile and find your dating partners. It is a blessing for singles who are in a struggling phase of finding girls/boys. So, searching for partners is now easy and in figure tips. All those who have Android phones can download this app and enjoy finding their dream partners. Also, you can build a great portfolio and attract more people to your profile.

In addition to this, you can also upload your attractive videos and photos as well. There is no restriction on what sort of videos and photos you are uploading. That is the only reason why most of the TikTok users are shifting to IWantU Mod Apk. If you are working on your content then you are definitely going to be famous very soon. It is not a big deal to be the real king of I want you app if you give your best.

Further, the developers have set very high security and the end-to-end encryption ensures the complete privacy of your chats. You can blindly trust this app as your chats are safe and secured. So start chatting with beautiful girls and make your date set as soon as possible. Again it is all about your choice of how you use IWantu Apk app. If you are using it only to share videos and photos then you can use it in that way. But for the singles, it is more than an app where they can find their dream partners.


IWantU Apk – Hookup App for Chatting and Flirting

The fun and entertainment are never-ending and non-stoppable. Those who are only looking for hookups can use it and hunt their partners. The trend is now turning 360 degrees and most people are now avoiding long-term relations. They are looking for hookups so they can meet and greet with the majority of people. Long-term relationships are now getting toxic each day and people prefer hookups. Keeping this thing in mind, the developers of IWantYou App have introduced this feature.

The database of IWantU Apk app is huge; you will find a vast majority of people. Finding your favorite partners is pretty easy with such a huge database. Those who are only looking for hookups and short relationships can get most of this database. This is the time when you can use this app and get your partner. Start chatting and flirting with your matching one and fix your dates.

AppIWantU Apk
Size28.4 MB
DeveloperTikTok Pte. Ltd

IWant You App Privacy

The developers of this app are very serious about privacy. End-to-end encryption and content privacy is always the top priority of this app. Whatever you are uploading and what sort of chatting you are doing with your partners will always be secured.

Additionally, the app has its own anti-virus which ensures complete protection. No viruses or malware can hurt this app. It simply blocks the unwanted things that keep the app secure. Each matching is completely secure, so whatever partner you are talking with will never be disclosed.

IWantU Apk Features:

Everyone is looking for quality service and premium features. Only those apps got famous which provides all the premium features for free. No doubt the features that you think are in the paid apps are available for free in this app. This is the reason that I Want U has achieved rocket speed in getting popular around the world. Some of its advanced and amazing features are as follows:

HD Resolution Videos:

 The videos which you watch in this app are in HD resolution. It doesn’t drop its pixels and provides very high quality to the users. It also supports 4K videos and enables users to watch content in much closer detail.

Unlimited Content:

The IWantU Apk Users can upload unlimited videos and photos. There is neither an upper limit nor any restrictions. Users can upload whatever content they want to publish.

Ads Free Content:

Everyone gets irritated by ads whenever they watch videos. Some ads are too lengthy and boring which is not bearable. This app has no ads and you can watch videos without any interception.

Local Matching:

If you are more interested in finding local partners then you can avail this feature. It helps you to get a partner who is in your locality. Users can find the best match for dating from their own region.

Additional Features:

  • Free streaming and downloading of videos.
  • Users can follow each other after watching one’s other profiles.
  • There is no need for any sign-up if you don’t need to.
  • Once can access to it as a guest profile.
  • It allows you to comment on your favorite videos.
  • Full HD video display.
  • It also allows you to mark videos in your favorite list.
  • It requires very little internet speed.
  • Very easy and simple interface.
  • Full of entertainment and fun.
  • Errors and bugs are removed.
  • Online Chatting rooms.
  • Unique and fresh content.

IWantU Apk Dating App for USA Single People:

Apps like Bingoo and Tinder, IWantU App is also famous in the USA. Each day more and more people from America sign up into this app. People are giving more advantages to this app over other dating apps because it has many premium features for free. Like the one Hookup feature which is really great for those who only look for short-term relationships. On the other hand, those who are interested in long-term partnerships can also find their partners.


So why are you wasting your time in finding useless dating apps? Try this app at once and you will definitely going to love it. Break the boundaries and there are possibilities that you will get your partner just after downloading it. Interestingly, there are neither charges nor any premiums to pay. So whatever you will be using in this app is completely free. IWantU Apk will be going to change your life and make it more loveable.

What’s new in IWantU App?

Users can meet and greet with people near to their locality. It allows them to chat with multiple girls and fix a date. One content creator can contact the other creators for their help and support. The support center is 24/7 active and those who face any kind of issue can directly contact them. All the bugs and errors are removed and the virus cannot hurt this app.

How to Download and Install this App?

In order to download IWantU Apk you have to follow a few steps. The downloading process is very simple and if you have installed any apk app earlier than this time it will be really easy. If you are a beginner then follow the below procedure, otherwise, you can do it in your own way.

  • Firstly, download the apk file from the link provided in this website.
  • Once it is downloaded then in order to install you have to allow the unknown source.
  • For that go to the settings on your phone and open the apps and click on permissions.
  • In that section, you will see the “unknown source” option.
  • You have to make this option “On”.
  • After that, you will be able to install it on your device.
  • When the installation process completes, the app icon will appear on your screen.

What are the Pros and Cons of having IWantU.app on your device?


  • You can download apk file without paying any money.
  • This app is not available on Google Play Store.
  • You can access to all premium features for free.
  • No need to buy a subscription.
  • There is no country restriction; anyone from any corner of the world can use it.


  • Most of the apk apps are unsecured and they are built to steal your data.
  • One cannot download apk files on iPhone.
  • They are not available on Google Play Store, so no guarantee from Google.
  • User can download them on their own risk.
  • Some of the apk files get the virus.
  • Apk apps are third-party apps so there is a great risk of malware.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

 Is TikTok18 and Iwant you same app?

Yes, they are the same and I want you is actually an alternative as well. Features which were in TikTok18, you will see the same features in this app as well. Also, you will see some amazing changes as well. So, this time I wantU App is come in with some appealing features.

Is I want u Apk safe?

Yes, this app is completely safe and secure. It has end-to-end char encryption which completely protects your messages. Similarly, all the content both videos and pictures which you will upload in this app are safe. There is nothing to worry about; you can upload whatever to want in IWantU Apk.

Is it mandatory to create an account first to use this app?

Well, there is nothing compulsion, you can use this app without creating an account. For that, you have to click on the guest option and skip the signup. This way you can access to this app through a guest. However, if you want to upload videos and photos then you need to create an account.

Final Words:

In conclusion, if you are a true user of TikTok18 then this app is for you. IWantU Apk Download now and get unlimited entertainment. You can avail of all the premium features for free and there are no hidden charges. So, what are you waiting for? Get the apk file from here and install it on your Android phones. Lastly, if you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section.